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Lava with Tiger Eye Jade Essential oil bracelet

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2017-12-21 14.33.43.jpg

Lava with Tiger Eye Jade Essential oil bracelet

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Want to bring the Hawaiian smells of Pualani Beauty with you all day? Grab an essential oil bracelet with ethically sourced beads and stones that have individually unique benefits that will help you through the day.

Our lava stones (not sourced from the Hawaiian islands) will diffuse our moisturizing beauty oils and essential oils and bring you energy and healing as well. 

This listing is for our 8mm black lava bead bracelet with 8mm tiger eye jade beads and crystals on a stretch string.
Length of each bracelet comes as 7.5" standard. If you require shorter or longer, please make your request in the notes section at check out!

Lava stone (ethically sourced away from the Hawaiian islands): Healing, grounding, brings emotional tranquility, relaxation and a sense of calmness

Tiger eye jade (golden brown): aids harmony and balance, helps to release fear and anxiety, stimulates taking action, helps you to make decisions unclouded by emotions

Buy multiple and save!
Buy 1 - $15/each
Buy 2 - $12/each
Buy 3 - $10/each

If buying multiples, please specify at checkout which bracelets you will like otherwise the additional will be chosen by us for you! (First one will be this listing)

Each bracelet comes with a sample of our essential oil. Please choose at check out, otherwise one will be chosen for you!:
White Ginger

Directions: Drop 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend onto the porous lava stone bead and enjoy! Smell will last for a day or two depending on usage. Reapply as desired! Do not use essential oils directly on skin without diluting first. Our moisturizing beauty oils may be used as well in place of our pure essential oils.

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