(Bi-Monthly Subscription) Face Scrub - Kona Coffee

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(Bi-Monthly Subscription) Face Scrub - Kona Coffee

from 15.50 every 2 months


Save up to 15% off retail by subscribing to select products. Manage your subscriptions by creating an account with us. All subscription products are billed and fulfilled bi-monthly (every two months) until you cancel. If you would like a different scent, please email us before your next billing cycle so we may adjust your subscription!

Now with Kona Coffee-infused Coconut Oil, so all the benefits without any of the coffee grounds mess!!

Also check out our original Kona Coffee Face Scrub, with the addition of coffee grounds, for those who want the extra exfoliation!



The perfect add-ons to beautify your maka:

Konjac sponge: Natural, eco-friendly, cleansing, and pH balancing for your face, konjac sponges are the perfect match for our kona coffee maka polish. Please note in your comments whether you prefer white (all skin types, made of pure konjac), green (sun-damaged or combination skin, made from konjac, green tea extract and green clay), or black (oily or acne prone skin, made from konjac and activated bamboo charcoal extract). Green is the default.

Sizes available and pricing:

2 oz - $16

4 oz - $20

8oz - $25

Face Sponge (white/green/black/pink) - add on 5, please specify color

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Why should you use Kona Coffee Maka Polish?

Natural Cane Sucrose (Sugar) from Maui - Naturally cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes

Organic Kona Coffee infused Whipped Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil from Hawaii -

Benefits of Kona Coffee: Can help calm inflamed and red skin, antioxidants boost and protect skin from premature aging, improves blood flow and makes your skin appear more radiant and bright

Benefits of Coconut oil - Rich in anti-oxidants, penetrates the skin to replenish nourishing vitamins as well as moisture

Natural Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - Natural anti-aging oil, prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage, eliminates dull and dry skin, may assist in diminishing scars or stretch marks

Made with Aloha~ To ensure that each of Pualani Beauty's products are Naturally Hawaiian, Naturally Beautiful, Naturally You

How to enjoy our scrub

May be used in sink, shower, or tub. Apply a small amount and rub gently in a circular motion all over face and neck, avoiding eye area. Rinse off with warm water.

Be sure to moisturize with a natural and organic facial moisturizer twice daily, such as Pualani Beauty's Moisturizing Beauty Oil, which is great alone as a facial moisturizer, or in addition to your normal SPF moisturizer!

Gentle enough to be used every day of the week (that's what we do!), but begin by using 2-3 days a week, and increase usage depending on your personal taste. Tub or shower may be slippery from the oils after use.

Keep our sugar scrub in a cool, dry place after purchase. Minimize moisture and contact to water to extend shelf life. May be kept up to 6 months after purchase if unopened. Upon opening, it is recommended to use the beauty polish within 30-60 days of first use.

Beauty polish may harden slightly over time due to the organic coconut oil, this does not affect the quality or effectiveness of the beauty polish, just shake the jar or stir with beauty scoop until the beauty polish loosens and enjoy!

Konjac Sponges: To soften and expand, just hold under running water. After the sponge softens and expands, add a pinch or quarter scoop onto your sponge, and apply to your face in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Rinse face off with warm water. Rinse the konjac sponge and press in between your hands to get out excess water. Hang to dry away from sunlight. To further extend life of konjac sponge, put in ziploc bag and keep in refrigerator in between uses. We recommend replacing your konjac sponge every 3 months or when the sponge begins to disintegrate and tear apart. When you're ready to replace it, feel free to use it as plant food and stick it in your soil! Completely biodegradable!!