Slippahs Makana (gift) Set


Slippahs Makana (gift) Set


Grab a foot gift set, everything you need to pamper and nourish those tired feet!

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For wonderful, happy, and healthy wawae, our Slippahs Makana Set includes (a $80 value!):

5 oz Pulu (soak) - Mojito, to soak your tired and achy wawae

2 oz Wawae (foot) Polish - Black Lava, to exfoliate and moisturize

Lava Pumice, to be used with our wawae polish

2oz Dropper Plumeria Nani (beauty) Oil - To moisturize after your wawae treatment. Request different scents if you don't want Plumeria.

Beauty Polish Scoop (please let us know if you would like a scoop loop added on to any of our beauty polishes in this set)

Lauhala Gift Box with Plumeria, raffia, and ribboning, ready for gifting!


Great for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries!

Buy one today, and discover why everyone is falling in love with Pualani Beauty!!