What does Pualani Beauty mean, and what does it represent?

Pualani is Hawaiian for "heavenly flower." (Pua = flower, Lani = heavenly)

When looking for the perfect name, we wanted to choose something that would represent the beauty of Hawaii as well as the beauty we hope to bring through our polishes and bath products.

What artificial preservatives do you use in Pualani Beauty products?

None!! Because all of our products are oil based, we do not use any artificial preservatives in any of our beauty polishes or bath and shower products. The only preservatives are the ingredients that act as a natural preservative or antioxidant that assist in prolonging the life of our products and help to inhibit growth of bacteria (such as Vitamin E or Honey).

We create our products without the use of water, which is what causes degradation and mold. Only with the addition of moisture or water (once it is opened by you and used in the shower, for example) will the product begin to grow bacteria, which is why we recommend keeping the product only for a maximum of 30-60 days after opening, but if unopened, it retains its quality for up to six months.

How long can I keep my Sugar Scrub?

The shelf life of our products is around 1.5 years if unopened. After opening, use the beauty polish within 60 days, to limit growth of bacteria due to contact with moisture and water.

Beauty polish may harden slightly over time due to the organic coconut oil, and natural colorant may fade over time if exposed to sunlight. Neither of these affect the quality or effectiveness of the beauty polish. If the beauty polish hardens, just shake the container to loosen, or use a spoon to stir it up.

What if I do not like or are sensitive to scents and fragrances?

No problem! We have several options for you.

  • Ma'ema'e body scrub, our "pure" scrub, which can be used head to toe

  • Wawae (foot) scrub, Black Lava Salt, lightly scented with mint

  • Moisturizing Beauty oil comes with an unscented option (there is a slight nutty scent from the kukui and macadamia nut oils)

  • Another good option is our Kona Coffee Maka (face) scrub, which is naturally scented with ground kona coffee

In addition, all our oils can be customized to be a nice light scent. We recommend that you do try our product, even though you may be sensitive to scents or fragrances, as we only have pure essential oil scents, as opposed to artificial fragrances, which do cause more smell sensitivities.

What is the difference between the Honi (lip), Maka (face), Wawae (foot), and Body Sugar polishes?

The biggest difference is that the lip and face scrub have finer sugar crystals and minerals in the beauty polish, allowing it to be better adapted to your face. The list of our products, from finest to coarsest polishes are:

Maka (face) - we partially dissolve the sugar and finely ground the coffee

Honi (lip) - we finely grind the sugar to not be too abrasive for lip use

Body Sugar Polish and Ma'ema'e (pure) - we finely grind the sugar so that this polish can be used head to toe

Wawae (foot) - by far the coarsest because of the black lava salt

What ingredients do you use in your products?

Each product page has a listing of the ingredients used in our products. If you have any questions, or have an allergy that you want to discuss with us, please feel free to contact us.

How do you test Pualani Beauty's products?

We have an extensive group of women and men who make up our Pualani Beauty Ohana that volunteer to test our products. We have spent months on research and development for each of our products to make sure it is the perfect formulation when it hits the market!

Do you test on animals?

No. None of our products have been tested on animals, but our dog wash is used for our fur babies.

Every ingredient in our dog wash was thoroughly researched (and the combination of which) to make sure it would be 100% safe on our fur babies. Then, we tested this dog wash on ourselves before it ever came into contact with our dogs.

All of our other products are safe to use around our fur babies, there is nothing toxic that could harm them. Just don't let them gobble up your beauty polish or beauty oil, they might not be so pleasant coming out the other end!

Can men use Pualani Beauty?

Of course!

Our Pualani Beauty ohana men's personal favorites have been Lilikoi Lemonade, which is a clean and fresh scent, as well as Kona Coffee face scrub. We also have the Black Lava Salt scrub that is great for men and women alike. Our PB men who use our products say that the scrubs are a great way to get off the grease after working in the garage, or scrubbing off the day after a good surf session or mountain bike ride.

Can Pualani Beauty be customized for wedding favors or gifts? How much customization can be done?

We can customize anything and everything, from the ingredients in our products, scents, size of containers, to the labels! We will work with your style and budget to make your wedding or event special and memorable!

What is the current turnaround time for orders?

Due to the custom and handmade nature of each and every one of our orders, we strive for a 3-5 business day* turnaround. The only deviation from this is if we have a vacation or notification scroll on top of our website that extends the turnaround due to our unavailability.

*Business days are considered every day the US Post Office is in operation.