Sample Hawaiian Essential Oil

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Sample Hawaiian Essential Oil

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Want to try out a sample of pure Hawaiian essential oil before you purchase a larger size? We now have our essential oils available in our 1ml sample size.

Also available in a set of three or ten (Puakenikeni and Sandalwood excluded from sets). If purchasing a set, make a note of the scents you would like included.

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Each 1ml container contains approximately 20-25 drops of undiluted essential oil from the Islands!

Choose between our available Hawaiian essential oils to make a blend that is uniquely yours!

Available Hawaiian essential oil scents and benefits:

- Gardenia has the therapeutic benefit of being uplifting, relieves stress, and calms irritability

- Lavender has many benefits, including eliminating nervous tension, relieving stress, calming the mind, promote restful sleep, moisturizing skin, and more

- Lilikoi has the therapeutic benefits of helping for nervous irritation, headaches, restlessness, and has been known as an anti-inflammatory. It has also been known to relieve psychological pain and trauma associated with fear and grief. Lilikoi is known on the mainland as passionfruit.

- Pikake has the therapeutic benefits for penetrating and diminishing fear and recapturing self confidence, as well as balancing hormones.

- Plumeria has the therapeutic benefits for increasing self esteem, as it inspires joy, hope, and love

- Tuberose essential oil has the therapeutic benefit of boosting the spirit and bringing tranquility to the mind. It is also known to relieve stress.

- White Ginger cools the mind and elevates the mood

Great for diffusers, including our essential oil bracelets and necklaces!

Essential oils must be diluted before use on skin and must not be applied directly on skin.