Sample Moisturizing Beauty Oil Set

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Sample Moisturizing Beauty Oil Set

from 22.00

Want to try our moisturizing beauty oil but not sure which scent you prefer? Grab our sample set! Available in a pack of 8, 12, or 30 sample oils, with and without scrubs.

All of our moisturizing beauty oils are made with a blend of super good for you oils such as coconut, macadamia, kukui, shea, argan, and vitamin e, and topped off with Hawaiian Essential oils and flavoring oils. They are diluted and ready for direct skin use!

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Each set comes with eight 1ml ocean blue bottle orifice reducers of our most popular Hawaiian scents. Please make a note if you have a particular scent/s you want to try.
Each bottle holds approximately 20-25 drops of our oil, perfect for testing many times over.

Our moisturizing beauty oil for your face, body & hair scented with 100% pure Hawaiian essential oils!

All our products are free from preservatives, additives, and anything artificial. Use in the ends of your hair, on your face, and all over your body in place of your regular moisturizer. A little goes a long way!

Many also use our scented oils as perfumes, as the essential oils allow the scent to remain much longer than traditional perfumes. Our sample bags will come in our regular light dosage, however, our other oils available for purchase have the option to make the scent perfume strength.

All our fragrances come directly from Hawaiian essential oils from the flowers and fruit themselves, never any artificial fragrances or perfumes! Because of this, not only do you get a super luxurious and tropical smelling oil, you get the therapeutic benefits of those essential oils as well!

Once you've decided which one/s you love, each of our oils are available in the following sizes (sold separately)
0.33oz roller
1.5oz orifice
2oz dropper
4oz pump

Our 100% pure Hawaiian essential oils are also available for purchase in our blue cobalt 3ml bottles

Add on a scrub sample pack for $5 more, which includes:
1/8oz Plumeria Body Scrub (Pink)
1/8oz Lilikoi Lemonade Body Scrub (Yellow)
1/8oz Kona Coffee Face Scrub (Tan/Light Brown)
1/8oz Black Lava Foot Scrub (Black)
1/16oz Shave Ice Lip Scrub (Multi)
Bath salt sample (Lilikoi coconut - Yellow or Mint mojito - Green)